Newly discovered on/off switch in enzymes may help battle fat-related disease, scientists suggest.

Enzymes involved in breaking down fat can now be manipulated to work three times harder by turning on a molecular switch recently observed by chemists at the University of Copenhagen.

Being able to control this chemical on/off button could have massive implications for curing diseases related to obesity including diabetes, cardio vascular disease, stroke and even skin problems like acne. But the implications may be wider.

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The results suggest that the switch may be a common characteristic of many more enzymes. Since enzymes are miniscule worker-molecules that control a vast variety of functions in cells, if the switches are standard, it may well be one of the most important discoveries in enzymology.

"If many enzymes turn out to be switched on in the same way as the ones we've studied, this opens a door to understanding- and maybe curing, a wide range of diseases", says professor Dimitrios Stamou.

The research was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Do you know where the 'fat traps' are in your life. Take our tour and find out...

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  • Bedroom

    The bedroom houses one of the biggest 'fat' traps in the home - the wardrobe. Many of us hoard clothes that no longer fit in the hope that one day we'll squeeze into them, even though we're doing nothing to make that happen. Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that fit the body you have? Or clothes that will fit the 'slimmer you'? If so, it may be time to throw out or donate the clothes that no longer fit... or the ones that never will. If you're serious about losing weight, get your body into shape first and let the clothes follow - and stop wasting time dreaming, shopping and regretting,

  • Bathroom

    If you have a set of scales in your bathroom, it might be time to ditch them and invest in a full length mirror instead. Forget crossing your fingers and stepping on the scales in the hope that your weight has drastically decreased - look at yourself in a full-length mirror and face the facts full-on. Next, take a look at your bathroom cabinet. If it's packed with pricey 'miracle' cellulite creams and quick-fix wonder creams, ask yourself if any of them have actually worked. If the answer's no, de-clutter your bathroom shelves and remember that if it's easy, it probably doesn't work.

  • Front Room

    Book shelves packed with diet, self-help book and exercise paraphernalia are a recipe for weight-gain and disappointment. These books have clearly failed you otherwise why would you still have them? Make space for valuable items and shift the dead weight of fad books and products that promise miracles, but in fact, only clog up the space in your front room.

  • Garage

    Many of us have a garage or loft which we use to store goods. But if your garage is full to the brim with relics of the past that you still cling onto, it might be time to de-clutter. Old photos of the younger, slimmer you or trunks of clothing two sizes too small for you need to go, unless you're saving for them for someone else. Clutter of an un-lived life - like sports equipment you've never used - need to be given away or donated. If you can't control what goes into the space around you, how can you take control of what goes on inside your body?

  • Kitchen

    Clutter in the kitchen is an obstacle that implodes your ability to use your cooking materials and appreciate the food you're preparing. It's no fun cooking in a messy, disorganised kitchen where you can't find what you need or take any pleasure in the process. The kitchen is a place for mindful cooking and if you're constantly avoiding mess and clutter, chances are you will make unhealthy, convenient food choices. You wouldn't eat in a restaurant where the kitchen was cluttered and disorganised, so don't do it in your own home.