BNP 'Truth Truck' Stuck Under Sunderland Bridge (PICTURES)

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The British National Party's subtly-named "truth truck" ground to a halt in Sunderland, after becoming wedged under a low bridge.

Members of the far-right nationalist party were returning from a lunchtime demonstration outside a branch of sandwich chain Subway this weekend, to protest against their use of halal meat.

But as the truck, emblazoned with the party's slogans and heart-shaped Union Jacks, headed towards the store, it became jammed under a bridge in the Sheepfolds area of the city.

van stuck

Going nowhere: The BNP's 'truth truck' stuck under a bridge

British Transport Police had to cordon off the street for several hours and release air out of all four of the truck's tyres and tow it backwards.

Crowds of curious passersby snapped pictures on their phones, posting them on Facebook and Twitter, blaming the metro delays on the stuck truck, which crashed close to a station.

j doran
"At least the trains run on time" - the old line about fascism. Not today, trains delayed cos BNP's "truth truck" crashed into bridge...

Nick Lowles
Wondering why the Metro in Sunderland isn't working properl?, The answer is the BNP's truth truck crashed into a bridge apparently!

The Truth Truck has had a bumpy ride over the last year - pelted with rocks in Swansea and had its windscreen cracked by a bottle as it canvassed during the Welsh Assembly elections.

It was launched in 2008, reportedly costing around £35,000, via donations from party members.

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