So what did you do last weekend? 'Competitive eater' Takeru Kobayashi whiled away 10 minutes on Sunday afternoon by devouring 110 sausages at the New York State Fair. As you do.

Following his gut-wrenching effort, Takeru is now the proud holder of the world record for sausage-eating. (Think you can do better? Don't even think about it. Please.)

The 34-year-old regards his weekend victory as a particular triumph because he's been controversially banned from the International Hot Dog Eating Contest on New York's Coney Island after a dispute with the Major League Eating governing body. We're not making this stuff up - honest...

In case you were wondering, Takeru "extends his stomach" prior to competitions by drinking three litres of water in a minute. (Again, don't try this at home. It's silly.)

Well, good luck to Takeru for his future endeavours. And big commiserations to whoever went in the Portaloo after him on Sunday afternoon.

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