There's no two ways about it - most of you will probably end up getting drunk, trollied, bladdered, plastered, out of your tree, whatever you want to call it - at least once during Freshers' Week.

And we all know what follows... that ugly beast rears its head. It controls your life for the day and takes priority over everything else. It can only be... The Hangover.

hangover cures

If you ended up looking like this last night, you'll probably be needing help this morning

But dear students, never fear. There are ways of placating The Hangover.

Pay close attention, these next few tips may be the most useful thing you'll learn during your whole three years at university.

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  • Before You Start: Bowl Of Pasta

    The idea of "lining your stomach" before a night on the booze is not just an old wives' tale. Drinking on an empty stomach can cause a build-up of acid and damage the stomach lining. Eating a substantial carb-based meal will help reduce excess acid as well as preventing blood sugar levels dipping during the evening. So... just do it, ok?

  • Before You Start: Milk Thistle Supplement

    A hangover is a your body's way of telling you that your liver can't cope with the toxins you've inflicted upon it. Poor body. <a href=" - Milk Thistle - Generic - MTE-_-%5bmilk thistle%5d&gclid=CMOzur3Kpa0CFYEhtAod7lDzGw" target="_hplink">Milk Thistle</a> is a herbal supplement that boosts liver function and helps it to process alcohol faster. Take it in liquid or tablet form before you go out and again the next morning.

  • On The Night: Avoid Dark Drinks

    Researchers at Brown University, New England, found <a href="" target="_hplink">the severity of a hangover is affected by the colour of the alcohol being drunk</a>, with darker drinks the worst offenders thanks to the high number of chemicals they contain. If in doubt, opt for white wine or vodka over red wine or bourbon. Gin will do, too.

  • On The Night: Hydrate

    Ok, so we all know everyone ignores the "drink a glass of water inbetween every glass of alcohol" but just a little bit won't hurt your street cred. If you're really concerned about keeping up appearances, then buy a mixer and pretend there's alcohol in it. No-one's going to find out. Promise

  • Before Bed: Large Glass Of Water

    We all know we're supposed to drink a huge glass of water before we hit the sack but when there's a half-empty bottle of wine sitting in the fridge it can be all too easy to get distracted. Water is essential to prevent that morning-after dehydration migraine so put a bottle of water by your bed (or on your pillow if that's what it takes) to avoid that morning-after regret.

  • The Morning After: Bacon Sandwich

    Good news - that juicy bacon sandwich you've been dreaming about all morning is scientifically proven to alleviate your hangover. A study at Newcastle University's Centre for Life found that <a href="" target="_hplink">bacon contains aminos, which help to top up the neurotransmitters that are depleted by alcohol consumption</a>.

  • The Morning After: Sleep

    The party's over. Go to bed.

  • The Morning After: Avoid Caffeine

    The cookies are fine. Just don't go near that cup of tea or coffee. Caffeine dehydrates - the worst thing you need right now.

  • The Morning After: The Hair Of The Dog

    It's an English tradition, which means it must work... right? Be warned though, this is only for the brave-hearted

  • The Morning After: Exercise

    We can hear you quaking in terror... According to Men's Health, the whole sweat it out theory is a myth. But the endorphin release does make you feel better. Natch.