In case you hadn't noticed, Doctor Who has returned to our screens.

doctor who
The Doctor's new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, surprised millions of fans with an early appearance

The first episode of Series 7 pulled in 6.4 million viewers to British TV screens, and crashed the Australian website streaming it with a record demand.

Despite the global interest in the sci-fi phenomenon, chief writer Steven Moffat managed to keep some surprises under his hat that shocked and delighted the millions of fans waiting eagerly to jump on the new stories.

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He made the Daleks human, he introduced the new companion - 'Oswin' as she was called in this episode - ages before anyone was expecting her, and he even made Amy and Rory Pond split up for a bit. All in all, he set the bar pretty high for the rest of the series.

doctor who
Everything was on its head in this episode - even Amy and Rory were estranged

But what did the die-hards out there think of his efforts? Here is just a smattering of the wealth of Twittereaction out there in the universe... and some more pics of the new Companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman below, just in case you didn't get enough on Saturday...

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More pictures of Jenna-Louise Coleman...

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