How Doctor Who Fans Reacted To The Unpredicted Early Appearance Of New Companion Jenna-Louise Coleman

03/09/2012 11:02 | Updated 03 November 2012

In case you hadn't noticed, Doctor Who has returned to our screens.

doctor who
The Doctor's new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, surprised millions of fans with an early appearance

The first episode of Series 7 pulled in 6.4 million viewers to British TV screens, and crashed the Australian website streaming it with a record demand.

Despite the global interest in the sci-fi phenomenon, chief writer Steven Moffat managed to keep some surprises under his hat that shocked and delighted the millions of fans waiting eagerly to jump on the new stories.

He made the Daleks human, he introduced the new companion - 'Oswin' as she was called in this episode - ages before anyone was expecting her, and he even made Amy and Rory Pond split up for a bit. All in all, he set the bar pretty high for the rest of the series.

doctor who
Everything was on its head in this episode - even Amy and Rory were estranged

But what did the die-hards out there think of his efforts? Here is just a smattering of the wealth of Twittereaction out there in the universe... and some more pics of the new Companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman below, just in case you didn't get enough on Saturday...

Doctor Who reactions...

More pictures of Jenna-Louise Coleman...

Jenna-Louise Coleman
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