'Photoshop Troll' Strikes Fear Into The Heart Of The Internet (PHOTOS)

03/09/2012 11:37 | Updated 03 September 2012

All hail the new king of the internet: Photoshop Troll.

In a wonderful scam that's reminiscent of David Thorne's Missing Missy, Photoshop Troll deliberately misunderstands people's Photoshopping requests - to hilarious effect.

Yes, whether you're a vain person wanting to have your facial 'faults' removed, or a vain person wanting other people to be scrubbed out of your picture, Photoshop Troll is your man/woman/troll.

Take a look below at three of our favourite exchanges between Photoshop Troll and its clients, below - 'Sweat Stains', 'Full Lips' and 'Disneyland'.

You can keep up to date with Photoshop Troll's latest pranks on Twitter at @PhotoshopTroll. And if you'd like to help him/her/it continue to prank the world, just point your friends with Photoshop requirements in the direction of the website Photoshop Request. Just don't tell 'em where you've really sent them...

Photoshop Troll's Epic Work
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