Hollywood's Most Ridiculous Edited-For-TV Movie Swearing (VIDEO)

04/09/2012 15:10 | Updated 04 September 2012

Warning: This video, by its very nature, contains some very bad language. (Yes, even that word.) But in its defence, it is very funny.

YouTube user Titus Velez has taken the trouble to compare and contrast clips of bad language being used in the movies with their cleaned-up-for-TV counterparts.

So "F*** you!" becomes "Stuff you!" while "f*** a stranger in the ass" becomes "find a stranger in the Alps". You get the idea?

A polite hat-tip to for alerting us to this potty-mouthed classic.

Right, fancy watching some spoof movie trailers now? Oh, go on then...

Spoof Movie Trailers
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