Do you want to take your home from average to luxe with the simple change of furniture or colour swatch?

Follow these in-the-know tips from leading interior designers.

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  • Upgrade Your Home

    Upmarket your home interior with these top expert tips by <strong>Kate Kingston</strong> of award-winning interior designers, <a href="" target="_hplink"><strong>Kingston Shaw</strong></a>.

  • Pick A Key Piece

    "Identify a key investment piece of furniture or lighting for the space which will underpin your scheme. Ensure that you purchase the best quality piece for your budget, something that will not date and most importantly an item that you love and has a story to tell."

  • Look To Art

    "A great way to add instant grandeur to a space is through artwork. If you have an eye for colour and design why not create it yourself, or visit local art fairs and degree shows where you can pick up unique works by new artists at great prices, it may even become a great investment over time."

  • Flower Bomb

    "Flowers are a really simple way of adding a touch of luxury to a space. A simple arrangement for your coffee or dining table is a great way to introduce new texture, colour and scent into a space."

  • Off The Wall

    "If you have a favourite wallpaper, instead of using it over an entire wall; why not use it in panels to create a feature or even have a piece framed to use as artwork."

  • Mirror Image

    "Mirrors are a great way of making a space feel more luxurious, creating the illusion of space in smaller rooms and brightening up darker rooms when lit correctly. Try adding an oversized wall mirror, a piece of mirrored furniture or even mirrored accessories to help achieve this effect."

  • Simple Symmetry

    "Symmetry is a great way of introducing luxury for less. This can be achieved through the placement of furniture, through the arrangement of wall mounted picture frames or by placing accessories in pairs."

  • Doorway To Luxe

    "A quick and easy way of adding a touch of luxury through a much over looked area, is by updating door hardware. This could translate as finding a beautiful contemporary chrome or a vintage art deco handle for your interior doors or a fabulous door knocker or letter box for your front door."