During one of our tireless YouTube trawls to uncover the funniest clips from around the globe, we stumbled across this little 30-second gem, entitled New Morning. And then we sat back and waited for the punchline - but it never came...

We initially thought the video had been made by the same team who gave us Acorn Antiques. But it turns out this is a completely genuine ad, paid for by the Campaign For American Values PAC, in support of Mitt Romney's US presidential campaign. And the more we watch it, the funnier it gets.

"Hey honey, how are you?" says an apparently startled husband (possibly played by Louis Walsh's long-lost brother) as he turns round to see his wife scowling into a newspaper at the kitchen counter, roughly 3ft away from where he's been standing.

But the woman doesn't have time to question her husband's slightly unnerving lack of awareness. She's got more to worry about. If we're understanding her correctly, Barack Obama's coming round to foist a couple of gay newlyweds on them. In fact, that could be them coming up the drive right now...

Sadly - or brilliantly, depending on your point of view - this isn't the only funny-slash-bizarre political ad to have come out of the US over the years. There are loads of them out there...

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  • Vernon Robinson Goes To The Twilight Zone

    Islamic extremists! Homosexuals! People who kill a million babies a year! You're right, Vern - America <em>is</em> like the Twilight Zone these days.

  • Dan Fanelli - NOT A Racist

    If we didn't laugh, we'd cry.

  • Dale Peterson - Listen Up!

    Thugs and criminals! They don't give a rip! Whatever that is.

  • Carly Fiorina's Demon Sheep


  • Christine O'Donnell - NOT A Witch

    Best. Opening line. Ever.

  • Mike Gravel Wants To Be President

    But not before staring at us and then throwing a huge rock into a lake.

  • David Vitter Vs The Mexicans

    Fun fact - Louisana doesn't even share a state border with Mexico!

  • Rick Barber - Slavery

    We're all becoming slaves, says Rick Barber, Tea Party candidate. And to prove it, he ASKS ABRAHAM LINCOLN. And invokes the Holocaust. Nice!

  • Mike Weinstein, Kid Of The '80s

    You think it's going to be <em>Footloose</em>... But it's SO much better than that.

  • John McCain, President Of The Future!

    In 2008, the John McCain camp imagined that Mr McC had solved all of America's problems by the year 2013. Great tactic: he never got voted in, so we'll never know that they were wrong!

  • Adriane Reesey And The Absentee Ballot

    Includes a blooper reel. Fantastic.

  • Bill Richardson - A Not Entirely Convincing Cowboy

    Yes, he really does say "Let's head 'em off at the pass."

  • Charlie Wheelan - The Bright Knight!

    Potential Chicago Congressman - and wannabe Batman.

  • Jim Slattery Attacks Pat Roberts

    Wait - is he? - oh god, he is! Ewwww!

Oh, and if you want to watch a final bit of fun, why not enjoy Mitt Romney's awkward encounter with a Vietnam veteran over the thorny issue of gay marriage?