Girls Receive Less Pocket Money Than Boys The Same Age

13/12/2017 07:38 GMT

Girls get less pocket money than boys the same age PA

When it comes to dishing out pocket money we've given our kids a pay cut this year, according to the Halifax bank. Its annual pocket money survey shows this year's pocket money payout is taking a dip with many parents feeling the financial squeeze.

The average pocket money pay packet for eight to 15-year-olds is £5.98 a week, that's a drop of 27p a week, (nearly £15 a year), compared to £6.25 in 2011. And compared with pocket money's all time high of £8.37 back in 2005 rates have fallen nearly 30 of boys compared with 75 of children admit to keeping their cash in a bank or building society; which even with today's poor savings rates; still makes more financial sense than sticking it in a piggy bank.

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