Bag A Bloke: Window Shopping For Ladies As Dating Website Goes On Tour

12/09/2012 17:23 | Updated 05 October 2012

French online dating website has given a whole new meaning to the term "try before you buy". is embarking on a tour around France where men are paraded around like products to potential female customers' delight.

boxed men

The men are packaged up like Ken dolls

The site is set up like a shopping website complete with a shopping basket in the top right hand side and promising fast delivery.


Launched in France four years ago claims to have taken the country by storm with over 4.7m people signed up, 86% of which are aged between 18-35.

Boxed Men

Fear not though ladies, UK equivalent is in production as we speak. *Cheers*

There's a wide variety of men available for female shoppers perusal on the French site - from red heads to guys with tattoos and piercings. Whatever tickles your pickle.

"In July 2007 I got divorced and never thought I would remarry. In early 2008 I met Coralie on AopteUnMec and in May the following year, I proposed! We are now expecting a child together!" said Mickael B de Rouen, 29.

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