"Waitrose! Waitrose! There's a live frog in my salad."

"Well, keep the noise down, madam, or everyone will want one."

Ahem. Sorry about that. Where were we? Hampshire mum-of-three Christina Carrington was more than a little surprised to find this little chap staring back at her from inside the pre-packed mixed leaf selection she'd bought at her local branch of Waitrose...

frog salad

In fact, it was Christina's youngest daughter Daniela who first spotted the frog while preparing the evening meal - after her mum had already eaten some of the salad for lunch.

"I was absolutely mortified to think I ate the leaves at lunchtime, when clearly the frog had been in the same bag," Christina told Metro.

A red-faced Waitrose spokesman croaked: "We are very sorry for the distress caused. All our bagged salad is thoroughly washed and we have steps in place to check each product before packaging.

"Although this is an isolated incident, we're investigating with our suppliers as to how this happened. We are also taking steps to minimise the chances of this happening again."

Meanwhile, the frog is said to be doing fine after its ordeal and the RSPCA are in the process of finding it a more suitable home. So all's well that ends well. Even if Christina is still hopping mad...

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