London 2012 Workout Hits: Motivational Music From Olympic Ceremonies (SONGS)

13/09/2012 11:53 | Updated 19 September 2012

You know what Huffpost UK Lifestyle misses most about the Olympics. Not the national sense of pride. Not those heart-felt tales of sacrifice. Not even the fact everyone was nice to each other for six weeks.

We miss the feeling of the synthesised expectation as the opening notes of Chariots Of Fire by Vangelis were played over and over again, heralding yet another epic minute of Olympic activity.

The auspicious music was in the background while we made dinner, echoing from headphones at work, as colleagues surreptitiously watched the Games at lunchtime, and when you walked into the Olympic Park itself -- for those lucky enough to get tickets.

Wonderfully, it wasn't the only tune synonymous with the triumphant action. The opening and closing ceremonies brought decades of euphoric British classics back to life.

So, if you're stuck for motivation during your next jog -- or simply want to relive those weeks of personal bests and world records -- here's our spotify playlist of the best of London 2012.

Motivational Songs Of London 2012
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