The World's Coolest Bus Company Advert (VIDEO)

14/09/2012 11:51 | Updated 14 September 2012

Buses, let's face it, aren't very cool. They may be exciting in the movies (Speed, say, and... erm... Speed 2... no wait, that was on a boat) - but in real life, they're not exactly the sexiest form of transport.

Except for in Denmark, that is.

Just take a look at the advert above - which makes the Danish bus company Midttrafik look like THE ultimate way to travel.

As YouTuber flixxydotcom - who put up the subtitled version - says: "The idea behind the campaign by Danish agency M2Film was to make public transportation more attractive, fun and exciting."

Well, we think they certainly did that. You wouldn't like to come over here and work for Megabus, would you, chaps?

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