Stop! Obama time!

Remember all the political furore over the US president's misquote about small business-owners not building the roads and bridges their customers use? (No? Tsk - do pay attention. Here's a quick reminder.)

Anyway, enough politics! Let's all have a good old sing-along to an MC Hammer classic instead, shall we? YouTuber Hugh Atkin - the man also responsible for this brilliant Mitt Romney/Eminem mash-up - noted that Obama's phrase "You didn't build that" scans perfectly with the Hammer hit U Can't Touch This.

So being a creative kind of guy, he put together the track with some Obama clips and came up with this hilarious video. (Don't try bettering it, Romney. You can't touch this!)

Oh and not that we're biased or anything - but if you want more proof that Barack is the coolest politician on the planet (no offence, John Prescott!), take a look at this little lot...

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  • President Obama Sings Al Green

  • Obama At The 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner

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  • Behind The Scenes With Obama And Colbert

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  • Obama Plays Basketball

  • President Obama Tells Journalist Off

    Jump to 20 seconds before the end...

  • Obama On The 'Coolest Thing He's Ever Said'

    Ever heard of a "vanadium redox fuel cell"? Well, neither has President Obama, speaking at a small business forum in Cleveland, but that hasn't stopped it from being one of the coolest things he's ever said out loud.

  • Obama's 'Cool Handshake'

    Not real, sure, but still funny...

  • Jibjab's 'He's Barack Obama' Song

    Also not real, of course, but still very brilliant.

  • Obama's Coolest Moments - A Compilation