As everyone loves saying, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

And although you may scoff at your older siblings' advice, or your learned friends' wise words, their nuggets of wisdom could prove useful if you want to make the most out of Freshers' Week.

Birmingham University student Kate Robinson told us in her blog she wished she'd arrived more prepared for fancy dress nights.

"By the end of the first year you will, without doubt, have acquired an entire second wardrobe including ludicrous and bizarre costumes such as a bush or a highlighter."

fancy dress freshers

One of our student bloggers Kate as a, er, highlighter...

From the making friends panic and what to wear dramas, to the how long to boil an egg dilemma, here's your guide to everything you need to know - or really should have known - as a fresher.


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  • Don't feel you have to stay friends with everyone

    You'll be meeting a lot of new people, every. single. day. But, don't panic if you still haven't "clicked" with anyone. There's plenty of time for that. And don't feel like you have to stay in touch with everyone. Many people never even see their "fresher week friends" again. It's a dog eat dog world out there.

  • Save some taxi phone numbers

    Believe it or not, a lot of other people - particularly students - will be going out and coming home the same time as you. Save some taxi numbers in your phone before you head off and you won't be standing around in the rain for hours at 3am. Also, this means you don't get into any unlicensed cabs. Not a good idea

  • How to boil an egg

    According to Delia... Well, there actually doesn't seem to be just one answer - it all depends on how you like your egg. So, if you want to be looking as happy as this lady, follow her guide <a href="">here. </a>

  • Fork out for the laundrette

    You probably (read: definitely) won't be looking like this when you head down there, in fact, you'll probably be in your pyjamas. But forking out a couple of quid to dry your clothes is definitely worth it. Wet clothes hanging in your room = damp. And you REALLY don't want damp.

  • Accept the parents' offer of a food shop

    Yes, you do need that pineapple. As much as you may want them to leave ASAP, if they offer you a food shop, grab the opportunity with every available hand. Stock up on the necessities (and maybe slip in some booze) and it'll save you a fair few pennies.

  • Hate your housemates? Don't worry

    Obviously it's important to get along but you don't have to be best buddies. You'll only be living with each other until June and then you can move in with who you <em>really</em> want to live with. There's plenty of opportunities to make other friends - through your course or societies.

  • Drag yourself to your introduction lecture

    Yes, you're hungover. Yes, it's early (10AM). Yes, it's a drag. But lecturers get pretty pissed off if when their undergrads don't turn up and you don't want to get off on the wrong foot with them. Trust us. So just do it. You can go back to bed later.