Fashion Week: Top Fashionable Hotels From Across The World (PICTURES)

18/09/2012 17:25 | Updated 19 September 2012

Fashion Weeks are exhausting for your average fashionista.

From the furore of picking what to wear in the morning to frantically Tweeting and Instagraming from the front row, through struggling to move around in dark designer shades and posing for countless "street style" photographers; at the end of the day all a gal wants is a super chic comfy place to kick off her Louboutins.

Luckily for them the hotel comparison website has compiled a list of the Top Ten Fashionista Hotels worldwide. Each international hotel property selected received exceptional reviews from travellers and had an overall quality score ranking greater than 80 percent. From designer shopping in London to personal stylist services in Singapore, these hotels are ideally situated to offer fashionistas the best shopping these cities have to offer.

Top Ten Fashionista Hotels
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