Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant With Triplets (If You Believe These Pictures)

24/11/2017 09:47 GMT

Jennifer Aniston
is pregnant with triplets. Well, that's what we were led to believe until we did a double-take at these hilarious photos that purport to show the Hollywood star displaying a huge baby bump as she relaxes at home.

In fact, the photos are stills taken from a spoof ad for an American bottled water firm called Smartwater.

The ad reveals the actress's 'security tapes' of her at home, in which she exclaims: "How are my little triplets doing, you must be so thirsty."

Further scenes reported to have been 'leaked on the internet' show the 43-year-old telling her TWO other children to stay inside "before anyone sees you'.

And before she goes to bed the former Friends actress whips off her 'Rachel' wig to reveal she actually has dark curly hair.