From nose drips on the K.E Diet to ice cold baths with Six Weeks To OMG, women across the world are in constant battle against weight gain.

And with shocking statistics revealing that average 45-year-old woman has been on 61 diets in her lifetime, it seems there is one thing us gals aren't taking into account: men.

A survey into the ups and downs of the female weight cycle uncovered happiness in a relationship (or lack of it) has the most impact on a woman’s size. *gives Atkins the finger and tucks into second portion of carbs*

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  • Dessert For Breakfast

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  • 'Time' To Diet?

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  • Weight-Loss Glasses

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  • Nose Drip Diet

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  • Cold Baths, No Breakfast and Coffee

    According to the author of Six Weeks To OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends skipping breakfast, drinking coffee and taking cold baths - really help you get thin. Venice A Fulton is well prepared to challenge his critics and says that many health professionals are already on his side. "I've already had doctors say they find it refreshing and useful for them," Fulton told <em>Huffpost Lifestyle</em>. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read more here.</a>

Almost half (47%) of women gain more weight when in a happy relationship over any other life stage or experience including giving up smoking or even having a child.

The research also revealed that a lack of a steady partner aids weight loss with 27% of women slimming down whilst going through a break up.

Compared to almost half of women just over a third of men (36%) gain weight as a result of being in a happy relationship.

Top ten life experiences that make women gain weight:

Happy relationship: 46%

Post pregnancy: 30%

Unhappy relationship: 28%

Job/career: 27%

Young mum: 8%

Unemployed: 20%

Marriage: 15%

Being single: 14%

Breaking up: 12%

Moving house: 12%

“It is well known that eating habits can be influenced by emotions and as a result different life stages can have an impact on someone’s weight. It’s easy to become relaxed when you’re in a happy relationship, where trips to the gym can be easily swapped for takeaways on the sofa and indulgent meals out," explains dietitian Helen Bond, Consultant Dietitian for the ‘123 hello me’ programme.

Top life experiences which cause women to lose weight:

Breaking up with a partner: 27%

Being single: 24%

An unhappy relationship: 21%

Dating a new partner: 19%

Job/career: 17%

Your wedding: 17%

She adds: "But being in a happy relationship can actually make it easier to keep the pounds at bay. You can support and encourage each other to eat healthily and exercise. Having a partner who shares or supports your weight loss goals will spur you on and boost your determination to stick with it, even when your interest and motivation is dwindling.”