Sienna Miller has, until now, been better known for her off-screen romances - Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans - and her run-ins with the paparazzi - hacking, Leveson - than her acting.

sienna miller
Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren

But that may all be about to change, with her transformation for the role of Tippi Hedren in HBO/BBC's production of The Girl.

Miller stars as Tippi Hedren, the real-life muse of director Alfred Hitchcock during the early 1960s, and his leading lady in films Marnie and The Birds.

toby jones
Toby Jones is Alfred Hitchcock

Hedren has made no secret of how she remembers the celebrated director treating her, as his attitude changed from admiration to almost obsessive protectiveness and jealousy, culminating in threats to ruin her career if she left his creative nest.

Toby Jones co-stars as Hitch, in the film exploring the pair's unnerving relationship, which created so much enduring art on screen, and was evidently so awkward and claustrophobic off it.

sienna miller
Will this role fortify Sienna Miller's reputation as a serious actress?

The Girl,
which also stars Imelda Staunton and Penelope Wilton, will be in cinemas later in the year. Watch the trailer above, and below is some more 1960s style...

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  • Jackie Kennedy, 1960

    Mrs. John F. Kennedy smiles talking to newsmen wearing a floral print shift dress.

  • 'Cara Mia', 1960

    Bits and bobs of false hair are all the rage in this hairstyle. In this cute example of the trend, a style called "Cara Mia" a bow of false hair contrasts in colour with the dark hair of the model.

  • Swimwear, 1960

    A woman poses on a beach wearing a printed balconette bikini.

  • Turban Style Hat, 1960

    Turban style hat designed by Horrockess, London.

  • L'Oreal, 1962

    L'Oreal of Paris presented their new London showrooms in Berkeley Square house. The three styles being modelled vary in colour (l-r) a soft beige shade 'gazelle', 'coral red' and 'plantine'.

  • Mods and Rockers, 1964

    "Mod" James Brunton wears a suit, tie and pointed boots with slicked hair.

  • Mary Quant, 1966

    Mary Quant receives an OBE for her contribution to fashion. Quant is accredited with creating the mini-skirt.

  • Carnaby Street, 1966

    Customer Jackie Binder wears a new 'convict-style' dress designed by Pauline Fordham.

  • New York, 1967

    Collen Osbourne, Peggy Moffitt and Sonia Pugin modelling the latest fashions in New York.

  • Twiggy, 1967

    British fashion model and 60's icon, Twiggy (Lesley Hornby) modelling a short dark wig.

  • Coat, 1967

    An orange-red woolen coat, by Renato Balestra fashion house of Rome, modeled by Gilda Giuffrida. The coat can be worn over a dress of the same fabric and color, trimmed with buttons of the same fabric at the sleeves and at the hem of the dress fashion Italian coat.

  • Evening Dresses, 1967

    Two dresses, by Cesare Guidi of Florence. Left, a silk evening completely embroidered with multi-colored paillettes, with one short sleeve. Right is a week-end dress in light green with horizontal stripes in darker green shades.

  • Smock Frock, 1967

    A model wearing a paisley patterned A-line mini-dress.

  • Celia Hammond, 1968

    Model Celia Hammond relaxes in a knitted mini dress and chain belt.

  • Wool Dress, 1968

    A model wears a cream crepe wool dress.

  • 60s Mini Dress, 1968

    A sixties fashion model wearing a feminine cut pink mini dress.

  • Amanda Lear, 1968

    French fashion model Amanda Lear in a new outfit by British designer Ossie Clark for Alice Pollock's Quorum boutique, 1968. Fabric design is by Celia Birtwell.

  • Contrasting Legs, 1969

    A model wears tights with different colour legs.

  • Christian Dior, 1969

    Shula and Diane model outfits from the Christian Dior 'London' Collection for Autumn.

  • London, 1969

    Two models showcase Italian menswear.

  • Evening Dress, A/W 1969/70

    A blue embellished A line evening dress.

  • Paris, S/S 1969

    Pierre Cardia displayed this at home white silk muslin trousers. It is worn with a matching belt.

  • Liza Minnelli, 1969

    Liza Minnelli, arrives at Heathrow Airport from New York, to appear on the <em>Tom Jones TV Show</em>. She is wearing a floor length coat with fur lining and printed trousers and top.

  • Swimcaps, 1969

    A selection of flowery swimcaps by Kleinet being modelled.

  • New York, 1969

    A young couple display hair styles and fashions of the day while walking on Broadway in New York.

  • Paris, A/W 1969/70

    A model displays a stylish mini-dress in blue-spangle embroidered organdi with boat-neck and long sleeves in white jersey caught in a buttoned cuff.

  • Ann Summers, 2003

    Nancy Sorrell becomes the new face of Ann Summers as she poses for photographers in a sixties style shoot with blonde bob, chain belt and patent white boots.

  • Lagerfeld, S/S 2004

    A model wears a spotty shift dress by German designer Karl Lagerfeld.

  • 40th anniversary of the first Biba shop, 2004

    Models (l-r) Kelly Franklin, Melody Blacklock, Emily Davis and Stacy Franklin pose to mark the 40th anniversary of the first Biba shop in Kensington, London. The models are wearing Biba originals at the site of the original store in Abingdon Road. The Brit fashion empire was founded by Barbara Hulanicki in 1964.

  • Elle Style Awards, 2004

    Cat Deeley wearing a colourful psychedelic dress.

  • Largerfeld, A/W 2005/6

    A model displays a pink sixties style creation by German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

  • Nicole Richie, 2012

    Nicole Richie talks at Lionel Richie and Friends in Concert show, sporting a beehive and rose-printed yellow dress.

  • Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Men And Women Of 2012

    Rose Byrne rocking a short brown sixties style bob.