From pirates with Presidents to princes with pints - we round up some of the silliest snaps from the past seven days...

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  • Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge is thinking what we're all thinking.

  • Angela Merkel - quite literally the <em>grande dame</em> of Europe.

  • The world's first vegetarian nightclub unveils its promotional shot girls.

  • There are sports fans... and there's this guy. The one on the left, obviously.

  • Eva Longoria is flummoxed by an unusual red carpet question: "Have you left the iron on?"

  • Jordin Sparks is goosed by the Invisible Man.

  • Mitt Romney wows the crowd with the classic "A dead one of these" gag.

  • Paul Ryan, confused by Mitt Romney's "A dead one of these" gag.

  • Like us, Kelly Osbourne is stunned that a grown woman has a mobile phone case in the shape of a pink animal.

  • Our favourite look at London Fashion Week.

  • Or was it this one?

  • No, wait - it was definitely this one.

  • The camera never lies, Oliver Stone. Unlike the CIA and everyone else involved in the Kennedy assassination.

  • Kate Moss In 'Shows Expression' Shocker.

  • Prince Charles - never knowingly underwhelmed by a pint.

  • See <a href="" target="_hplink">all the picture captions here</a>.

  • Altogether now: "Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care... about the invasion of your privacy by a French magazine!"

  • Because some people will bend over backwards to meet the royal family.

All images: Press Association