Rihanna Enjoys A Night Out At A Strip Club, Tweets The Pics

21/09/2012 08:56

We're used to seeing saucy snaps of Rihanna, but the singer has taken the sauce levels up a notch in the latest pics she's put on Twitter.

RiRi enjoyed a night out at a strip club and being the little minx that she is, tweeted a snap of herself enjoying a private dance.

Well, we say dance...


RiRi captioned the photo 'Bands ah make her dance', referring to rapper Juicy J's song, Bands Will Make Her Dance.

The singer also shared a snap of her wearing a gold necklace featuring a large marihuana charm and socks with a pot leaf print and tweeted: 'I feel a sin comin on...'


Someone's got the devil in 'em...

Style Evolution: Rihanna

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