Twitter Jokes Of The Week: Week 38 (Of 52)

21/09/2012 15:46 | Updated 21 September 2012

Welcome to this week's round-up, which includes Nick Clegg, Andrew Mitchell and other jokes.

Yes, from Clegg's sing-song apology to Mitchell's tirade against 'plebs' (a Tory word for 'policemen' - who knew?!), from Mitt Romney's 47% remarks to Apple's disastrous new Maps app, it was, we think we can all agree, a week of spectacular gaffes.

And here are just some of the spectacular gags about those spectacular gaffes - as well as our usual gathering of one-liners that made us smile this week.

(Don't forget - if you liked last week's TweeHee special, the hashtag is still running! Find out more on the TweeHee website and check out all the latest #tweehee jokes.)

Twitter Jokes Of The Week
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