Kylie Flashes Her Famous Bum In Arty Black And White Short Film (VIDEO)

26/09/2012 15:14

After donning those gold hotpants in the Spinning Around video back in 2000, Kylie Minogue's bum became almost as much of a national treasure as the little lady herself.

Fast forward twelve years and Kylie's flashing her bum again, except this time she's done away with the hotpants altogether in favour of a rather revealing bottomless frock.

Well, backless dresses are sooooo last year.


The 44-year-old singer's pert derriere features in a new arty farty short film byt her photographer pal, Katerina Jebb.

In the clip, entitled Simulacrum & Hyperbole (us neither), the pop princess can be seen entering a hallway, looking suggestively at the camera before revealing her backside as she climbs a staircase.

But don't just take our word for it - see for yourselves by clicking on the video above.


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