What's That? Leandro Penna And Mario Falcone Posing In Nothing But Their Pants? Oh Go On Then. (VIDEO)

26/09/2012 14:22

We do love a fit celeb who isn't afraid of stripping down to their undercrackers at the drop of a packet of crisps so hand claps all round for Katie Price's man, Leandro Penna and TOWIE's Mario Falcone for doing just that, for charity, natch.

And not only did the pair of buff boys strip down to their smalls, they then had a pair of jeans painted onto their nethers (tough job.).

Pourquoi, we hear you ask?

leandro penna mario falcone

Well, *puts on serious face* it's all in aid of Jeans For Genes Day, which takes place on Friday 5 October and raises much needed cash for Genetic Disorders UK, which provides funding for the care and support of children with genetic disorders through a grant programme.

And once you've managed to tear yourself away from the above video why not sign up for a fundraising pack, which contains info on how to organise a Jeans for Genes event at school or in the office.

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