From Romney and Obama to the Duke and Duchess - via UN flirtations, high wire acts and animal photobombs - take a look at our round-up of this week's funniest, silliest snaps...

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  • Nick Clegg and his wife Miriam engage in a not-at-all-awkward kiss at the Lib Dem conference.

  • Britain - the big man of Europe, but the small man everywhere else.

  • The Pope suffers a wardrobe malfunction. Gust of wind - or act of God?

  • Barack Obama - never knowingly under-animated.

  • See what we mean?

  • Damian Lewis's Emmy success leaves him literally floating on air.

  • "No, YOU tell ME what 'Magna Carta' means!"

  • Honestly, the lengths some people will go to to get a phone signal.

  • Another typical day at the beach for Britons this week.

  • Is it just us, or is Hillary Clinton flirting with William Hague?

  • Yep. Definitely flirting.

  • Stop! Duke of Edinburgh time!

  • Got myself a cryin', walkin', sleepin', talkin', livin' doll! And her name is Nicki Minaj.

  • The 2012 London Triathlon causes controversy when it replaces swimming with 'wife-carrying'.

  • 14633869

    "Now who wants to give me the kiss of life? You - the pretty one!"

  • The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall - now stepping out in 'his 'n' her' matching outfits. Aww.

  • Lily Cole arrives at the Peace One Day Concert - then suddenly remembers she left the iron on.

  • We don't blame you, kid. We don't blame you at all.

  • Nick Clegg's election face.

  • Animal photobomb of the week - and possibly the whole year: a stingray gets in on the act.