Labour Party Conference 2012: Live Updates From Manchester

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Labour conference: Live blog | PA

It's that time of year again. The red t-shirts. The noticeably smaller secure zone. The constant threat of rain.

It's Labour conference... Stay tuned to our liveblog for occasional updates on our coverage, who said what at Fringe, the gossip, as well as the latest throwaway comments and bad jokes.

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judgement day hell

Check out the message on these CDs being handed out to delegates by Christian activists outside the conference. We're too scared to watch the CD itself.

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Shameless Olympic bandwagon-jumping alert:


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one nation

At first glance, 45, a figure we'll keep under review.

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"In 2010 it was considered impossible. In 2011 it was improbable. After today it just might be possible."

Read more here

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AFTER his speech to Conference, William Hill have cut their odds for Ed Miliband to lead Labour into the next General Election from 4/11 to 2/9

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Ed Miliband delivered his much-anticipated conference speech on Tuesday.

Will One Nation resonate? Maybe for children of the mid 90s who could be reminded of the rave (and/or the song by heavy metal band Soulfly)

One Nation was founded in the mid 90s by the infamous Terry Turbo. It ran many events over the years around London before Terry sold the company to Slammin Vinyl to take up acting.

Click here for more.

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Could we be seeing top-spin doctor Alastair Campbell taking a seat as an MP in 2015? Tony Blair's former aide told LBC radio last night that he would consider it.

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We did it for the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg so it's only fair to do it for Labour on the day of Ed Miliband's big speech.

Who are the Top Ten totally serious contenders to succeed Miliband as Labour leader. Warning: There is a slideshow involved.

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The conference's secure zone - which you need a pre-issued pass to access - is noticeably smaller this year. It's not yet clear why, but this tweet from Paul Waugh caught our attention.

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Via Isabel Hardman at the Spectator.

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According to the Shadow Chancellor he's "not a bitch."

Ed Balls has insisted he never engaged in "snake-like politics" by briefing against fellow Labour politicians in order to advance his career, countering allegations he leaked information during the Blair-Brown years.

Read the full piece here

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rebuilding britain

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"If David Cameron is butch, where does that leave George Osborne?

Perhaps this is why George Osborne will never be sacked. A Prime Minister and a Chancellor destined to go down fighting together. And this time, let’s see them riding off into the sun-set. Butch Cameron and the flat-line kid."

Read our preview of the speech here.

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@ dinarickman : Conference joke (building on Davey's blue and yellow make green quip) 'red and yellow make brown.' Told to me by an actual grown up #Lab12

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In the words of one senior Labour source, it's like the party's "drifting." It would be insanity for them to outline too many of their policy ideas two-and-a-haf years away from an election. But they also need to give a flavour of what's on offer to keep their activist base engaged. It's a tight line to walk - we'll see how they do. Our source told us he hopes it'll get better.

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In his conference speech today, the shadow chancellor will call on the Treasury to use the expected £3bn windfall from the sale of next-generation 4G mobile phone to "kick-start the economy" by building 100,000 affordable homes and giving a tax break for first-time buyers

Read the memo here.

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Shadow equalities minister Kate Green has launched an outspoken attack on sexism in parliament, staying she often feels like she is "sitting in Eton college" when looking at the "gender hostile" government.

"I sit in that place, and I look across the other side [at the government] and I think 'what am I, a woman in her 50s, doing sitting in Eton college?' Because that's what it feels like. It just feels alien. Not just because of sexism but because of the social make-up of the place and the way the place is organised," she told us.

Read more here.

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Responding to political director Mehdi Hasan's interview with Ed Balls, Tory chairman Shapps said:

“It’s extraordinary that, even now, Ed Balls still refuses to apologise for Labour’s role in nearly bankrupting our country.

“Labour isn’t learning. They still stand for more spending, more borrowing and more debt – exactly what got us into this mess in the first place.”

Read the full interview here.

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Ed Balls has made his most public overture yet to Vince Cable, calling on the Lib Dem business secretary to "show leadership" and pull his party out of coalition and work with Labour.

Read more here

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  • Harriet Harman admitted not everyone knows who the leader of the opposition is.
  • GMB leader Paul Kenny said Ed Balls "would give an aspirin a headache." So an uneventful morning.

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A little birdy tells us these badges - supporting John Prescott's campaign to become the police and crime commissioner (PCC) for the Humberside - will be on sale at Labour conference.

The former deputy prime minister, one of the most high-profile PCC candidates, will also be launching a small online donations drive on Monday, where people can donate £5 to his campaign via text.

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Well, according to the The Mail on Sunday.

Could this be why Ed Miliband hasn't tweeted for a while?

Some are taking it well. Check out this from Lord Wood.

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We're also carrying stories about Miliband's threat to break up the banks and 10 questions Labour need to answer at their conference.

And take a look at Mehdi's morning memo (sign up here) which mentions the Sunday Times' headline about Len Mccluskey (Union boss: we'll seize back Labour).

One union source suggested to The Huffington Post UK that while the interview was overblown, the relationship with the party was at times "dysfunctional."

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For background reading, take a look at our story about political director Mehdi Hasan's book. As our story goes

David Miliband was overheard telling aides that his brother Ed would “crash and burn”, according to a new biography of the Labour leader co-written by the Huffington Post UK’s political director Mehdi Hasan.

SEE MORE here: David Miliband Told Aides Ed Would 'Crash And Burn' As Labour Leader, New Political Biography Reveals

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