Oooh - how exciting! We've just heard there's a new Elvis record.

Ah, just to clarify... it's actually a new Guinness world record for the biggest-ever gathering of Elvis impersonators.

Organisers of last weekend's Porthcawl Elvis Festival counted an impressive 814 Presley-a-likes during a rousing rendition of Hound Dog, which smashed the previous record held by 645 Nike employees at a sales convention in Las Vegas.

Now, we don't want to question this great achievement - but we do think some of the participants could have made a bit more effort with their Elvis costumes (if, indeed, everyone in this video was counted as one of the 814). Did the King of Rock 'n' Roll really wear a fur-trimmed cowboy hat, for example? We think not.

But enough quibbling! As the man himself said: we can't go on together with suspicious minds. Congratulations to all those involved!

And if you'd like to see some more amazing world records while you're here, you're in luck...

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