Now here's something you don't see every day: Stephen Colbert. Being Stephen Colbert. Not 'Stephen Colbert'.

Yes, the American satirist we barely know but hugely love has given an interview - to Oprah Winfrey, no less - and revealed not just the origins of >The Colbert Report, but also which real-life pundits his right-wing talk show host is based on.

The answer - chiefly "papa bear" Bill O'Reilly - might not surprise you. But regardless, we highly recommend geeking out to the video above, in which Mr Colbert describes his alter-ego as a "well-intentioned, poorly-informed, high status idiot" - and is just as wonderful as we've always imagined him to be.

And if you're in the mood for more fun at the expense of right-wing American politics, do check out this video slideshow of bizarre political ads, below. But be warned: unlike Mr Colbert, none of them are spoofs...

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  • Vernon Robinson Goes To The Twilight Zone

    Islamic extremists! Homosexuals! People who kill a million babies a year! You're right, Vern - America <em>is</em> like the Twilight Zone these days.

  • Dan Fanelli - NOT A Racist

    If we didn't laugh, we'd cry.

  • Dale Peterson - Listen Up!

    Thugs and criminals! They don't give a rip! Whatever that is.

  • Carly Fiorina's Demon Sheep


  • Christine O'Donnell - NOT A Witch

    Best. Opening line. Ever.

  • Mike Gravel Wants To Be President

    But not before staring at us and then throwing a huge rock into a lake.

  • David Vitter Vs The Mexicans

    Fun fact - Louisana doesn't even share a state border with Mexico!

  • Rick Barber - Slavery

    We're all becoming slaves, says Rick Barber, Tea Party candidate. And to prove it, he ASKS ABRAHAM LINCOLN. And invokes the Holocaust. Nice!

  • Mike Weinstein, Kid Of The '80s

    You think it's going to be <em>Footloose</em>... But it's SO much better than that.

  • John McCain, President Of The Future!

    In 2008, the John McCain camp imagined that Mr McC had solved all of America's problems by the year 2013. Great tactic: he never got voted in, so we'll never know that they were wrong!

  • Adriane Reesey And The Absentee Ballot

    Includes a blooper reel. Fantastic.

  • Bill Richardson - A Not Entirely Convincing Cowboy

    Yes, he really does say "Let's head 'em off at the pass."

  • Charlie Wheelan - The Bright Knight!

    Potential Chicago Congressman - and wannabe Batman.

  • Jim Slattery Attacks Pat Roberts

    Wait - is he? - oh god, he is! Ewwww!