John Prescott: 'Who The Hell Is Disraeli?' (VIDEO)

03/10/2012 14:55 | Updated 03 October 2012

Ed Miliband's barnstorming conference speech has left many people wondering what "One Nation" is.

But former Labour deputy prime minister John Prescott had a different question: Who is this "Benjamin Disraeli" everyone is talking about?

Asked by BBC Daily Politics host Andrew Neil (video below) what he thought of Miliband's praise for the former Tory prime minister, Prescott responded: "You know I'm not an intellectual, I've proved that over the years, haven't I?"

"Who the hell is Disraeli?" he asked, bemused. "Look, the Labour Party changes, Ed did a brilliant speech there."

He added: "I'm just Labour, traditional values in a modern setting, I was MP when he was born, things are changing, I'm the old man in this."

Disraeli was the 19th Century Tory prime minister credited with coming up with the notion of One Nation Toryism to describe a more paternalistic approach to government.

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