It probably seemed like a really good idea when Microsoft bigwigs first agreed to allow rapper Machine Gun Kelly (known as "MGK" to his mates, "Richard" to his mum) to perform at a private event in its Atlanta store.

But then naughty Machine Gun/MGK/Richard jumped on the tables and started rapping about someone (or very possibly something) called "Dick" and shouting out stuff like, "F*** these computers!" - which isn't really in keeping with Microsoft's brand values, is it?

According to one report on, the rapper "stomped on at least five computers" before staff pulled the plug on him. Having watched the video above several times, we can't actually identify any stomping going on - but we can clearly see him disrespecting a piece of cardboard, and we're sure we can hear a baby crying. (Also, be warned: it does contain NSFWOS* language.)

Microsoft chiefs have been quick to point out that they weren't responsible for hiring the rapper: in fact, the event was hosted by The Source magazine. Don't they have clubs and bars where they can hold proper parties in Atlanta? How odd!

A polite hat-tip to Twitter's @utterben for bringing this gem of a video to our attention. And if MGK's behaviour has whetted your appetite for more awesome rapping, may we suggest our round-up of people doing Gangnam Style, below?

*Not Suitable For Work Or Shops

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