Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Making Plans To Attend University In New York

07/10/2012 12:41 | Updated 08 October 2012

Even having Madonna for a mum can't stop her daughter Lourdes from being a rebellious teenager who wants to leave home - she's reportedly making university plans.

The singing superstar's daughter, who turns 16 later this month, is already tired of her mum's glitzy lifestyle and is looking to leave home as soon as possible, The Sun reports.

Lourdes, Madonna's daughter with personal trainer Carols Leon, is looking to move to New York to attend university, and is planning on showing her independence by paying her tuition fees herself.


Lourdes is already planning for university even though she is only 16

The teenager already has a sizable bank balance in her own right from creating the Material Girl fashion line and plans to use these funds to pay for her attendance at private Bard College.

A source told the newspaper: "Lourdes can't wait to leave home and go to university. She's already planned it all.

"Madonna is a strict parent, but Lourdes has been rebelling. She's fed up of being in the spotlight. That's why she didn't go on stage during Madonna's tour."

But despite Lourdes' plans to escape the limelight, the apple may still not fall too far from the tree - as she is planning to study performing arts.

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