Halloween 2012: Our Favourite Costumes In Pictures

29/10/2012 11:20

It’s been extremely hard to whittle it down, but we think we’ve found our favourite Halloween costumes ever.

And for a change, this gallery is not dominated by blood and gore – take the mini Wayne and Garth or the little boys who would Kiss a run for their money.


A work loader from Aliens...complete with baby. Just brilliant

Well someone has turned Elias Garcia Martinez’s distinctly simian efforts into a costume… and it just might be the best thing we’ve ever seen.

So we’ve covered little kids, rock stars, art projects gone horribly long and we’ve thrown in a bit of blood and gore in for a good measure. Just a little bit.

Got an amazing Halloween costume? Want to share it with us? Email us the pictures and we'll publish them #halloween


Best Halloween Costumes
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