Olly Murs Turned To Drink After Finding Fame

09/10/2012 07:12 | Updated 09 October 2012
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Olly Murs has told how he turned to drink because he felt desperately unhappy after shooting to fame on The X Factor.

The Heart Skips a Beat hitmaker had an emotional breakdown after a disastrous appearance on panel show 8 Out of 10 Cats last year, and he went backstage and wept to his manager Sarah Thomas.

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Olly admits the pressures of his career had become too much, and he longed for a break - even though he was at the top of his game.

In an excerpt of his autobiography Happy Days, he writes: "For the first time in my career I didn't feel happy. I was so drained and down. I wasn't enjoying anything I was doing. I was just working, working, working... Looking back, I don't think I was depressed, as it happens - I was just exhausted, run down. I was sitting there crying even though my career could not have been ­going any better. Something clearly wasn't right."

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A week before that TV appearance, Olly began to twig he was having problems while filming an episode of Celebrity Juice, where he was ­allowed to drink on set.

He recalls: "I remember getting really drunk, I felt like I just wanted to drink - note that word, 'wanted' to drink. I've never ­'wanted' to drink in my life! I enjoy a few beers with the lads like everyone does, but this was different.

"After Celebrity Juice I was like, 'Give me another vodka!' and I was getting really p**sed. I felt like I needed a boost and drinking was that boost. But of course the boost didn't last, and when I sobered up I was back to being unhappy again."



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