Anything Labour can do, the Tories can do... also. Boris Johnson told the Tory Party conference that he and David Cameron had "danced Gangnam Style". And he wasn't joking - we got exclusive video footage, above.

(Footage unearthed by David Schneider and Handface).


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  • Ed Miliband Style

  • Prisoner Style

  • Ecce Homo Style

  • Deadpool Style

  • Lifeguard Style

  • Flash Mob Style

  • Mitt Romney Style (Again)

  • Google Style

  • Wedding Style

  • My Little Pony Style

  • Klingon Style

  • Chicago Style

  • US Naval Style

  • Oregon Duck Style

  • New York Style

  • Baby Style

  • X Factor Style

  • Gandalf Style

  • Silent Style