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Thieves Steal Goat From Petting Zoo, Return It With Pink Pedicure (VIDEO)

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Now, this is all rather strange. A goat was kidnapped (kidnapped - geddit?*) from PB's Pumpkin Patch in San Diego on Sunday night - but turned up right as rain the following morning, sporting a new pink pedicure.

CCTV footage - posted by Fox 5 San Diego - shows a young woman returning Darryl the newly-painted goat to his enclosure and stopping to pose for a photograph, taken by her male accomplice.

One theory is that the pink pedicure could have been a prank to draw everyone's attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But surely there are easier ways?

Anyway, the pumpkin patch owners aren't pursuing legal action over the incident - and there are no plans to give any of the other animals a matching pedicure. As you were!


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