Morrissey On The Colbert Report (VIDEO)

11/10/2012 09:19 | Updated 11 October 2012

You'll never guess who showed up on The Colbert Report the other night. Only Manchester's very own "Mr Chuckles", Morrissey!

And as is traditional, mardy Mozzer sat down for a little chat with his host before leading everyone in a cheery singalong. The topics up for discussion? The royal family ("absolutely horrible people"); Pippa Middleton ("horrendous"); and the likelihood of a Smiths reunion ("not everybody is a fat old slag").

The faux right-wing talk show host also quizzed Morrissey about his vegetarianism - and posed the question of whether it would be OK to eat a lamb that was a "f***ing asshole". Click play above to find out Morrissey's answer... though we think you can already guess what it was.

(Colbert-style tip o' the hat: @ChicaLolita)

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