From the Tory party conference to the US vice-presidential debate - via Angela Merkel, David Beckham and Morrissey - check out this week's silliest snaps...

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  • Delegates enjoy another riveting session at the Tory party conference.

  • Prince William is sadly unimpressed by Kate's Tommy Cooper impression.

  • The world's most unpopular man finally meets his nemesis.

  • Angela Merkel correctly identifies a photographer. IS THERE NOTHING THIS WOMAN CAN'T DO?!

  • Joe Biden is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it any more!

  • No really, he is.

  • "I've been Ed Miliband! Goodnight!"

  • The Camerons: this generation's RenĂ©e and Renato.

  • Not Morrissey's best look.

  • Not David Beckham's best look, either.

  • Just when you thought George Osborne couldn't look more evil, he unveils: his evil claw.

  • Boris Johnson tries to spot any Tory Party Conference delegates who aren't old and white.

  • Barack Obama finally surrenders to his alien overlords.

  • Benicio del Torro's dinner repeats on him at an unfortunate moment.

  • Well, if you don't ask, you don't get.

  • And before you could say 'baccalaureat', geek specs were no longer fashionable.

  • Nope, we have no idea what you're doing on that stage either, Grant Shapps.

  • Paul Ryan's security guard - now there's a warm guy.

  • One Direction unveil their surprising new band member. But at least he's more three-dimensional than the current ones.

  • "And for his third wish, Boris closed his eyes very, very tightly indeed... and wished he was Prime Minister."

  • Big Bird: the political years.

  • Now where's Prince Harry when you need him?

  • Watch out, lady - that right hand's an evil claw!

  • The Camerons pop out for a curry in Birmingham - and ruin Bob Dylan for all of us.

(All images: Press Association)