Twitter Jokes Of The Week: Week 41 (Of 52)

12/10/2012 14:00 | Updated 12 October 2012

David Cameron addressed the party faithful, British Gas put its prices up and the EU won the Nobel Peace Prize. It was, we think you'll agree, quite a week.

And our latest Jokes Of The Week round-up kicks off with one-liners about all of the above (plus Angela Merkel, Julia Gilard and Lance Armstrong - what a dope!), before easing you nice and easily (via a James Bond joke) into gags about all kinds of nonsense. Which is just what we all need at the end of a week, isn't it?

So kick back, enjoy - and if you're Europe, pour yourself a glass of champagne - and enjoy these gigglesome tweets from the past seven days...

Twitter Jokes Of The Week
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