Tulisa wasn't the first celeb to have a sex tape leaked and she certainly won't be the last either. Celebrities filming their bedroom antics on tape has been going on ever since the invention of the camcorder and there's a very good reason for that: it does wonders for a star's profile.

Just ask Paris Hilton and, more recently, Kim Kardashian who have both launched their errrm, careers on the back of very successful (and highly publicised) sex tapes.

And it's not just the ladies of celebville who have made sex tapes... Colin Farrell, Kanye West and Verne Troyer have also starred in their very own dirty movies.

Take a peek-a-boo at the gallery below to see who else has the X-rated factor...

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  • Tulisa

    Tulisa's world was shaken when a clip of her performing a sex act on her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards leaked online, but the N-Dubz singer has well and truly brushed off the controversy - signing up for a second series of The X Factor and scoring a number 1 debut solo single.

  • Katie Price

    Katie Price (or Jordan as she was known back then) starred in her very own dirty movie with her ex (and former boybander) Dane Bowers when they were dating in 1999. It includes one particularly 'toe curling' moment. We'll let you do the maths.

  • Kanye West

    Kanye was the star of not one but TWO sex tapes, which surfaced in the space of a week. Both videos were filmed before he started dating reality star Kim Kardashian who'd already starred in her own sex tape. A source told TMZ: "Both tapes are impressively long - the first is roughly twenty minutes ... and the second is more than FORTY. And we're talking constant action. Seriously, the guy takes no breaks. It's incredible." Wow.

  • Kerry Katona

    Kerry revealed she once made her own (thankfully never released) sex tape, but failed to say who her co-star was (our money's on her ex, Mark Croft). "Yes, I made a sex tape once," she admitted. "But it wasn't on long enough. It was over within a minute. I watched it back and it was dreadful. So we smashed it up." Brrrrrr.

  • Pamela Anderson

    Men the world over spent their teenage years preoccupied with what lay beneath Pamela Anderson's Baywatch lycra. And they got their chance to see her ladybumps in the augmented flesh when a clip of her and husband Tommy Lee making the beast with two backs found its way online.

  • Hulk Hogan

    In March 2012, TMZ reported the existence of a Hulk Hogan sex tape that was being shopped around to various porn studios, though the wrestler claimed it was filmed without his knowledge. In October 2012, Hogan admitted to Howard Stern that the woman in the video was Heather Clem -- the ex-wife of his best friend and radio talk show host, Bubba the Love Sponge. Hogan also revealed to Stern that he was still married to wife, Linda, when the sex tape was filmed. Charming.

  • Kim Kardashian

    Being the star of a leaked sex tape may be embarrassing, but it can also be profitable. Just ask reality TV beauty Kim who settled a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment for $5m in 2007, meaning she gave up the rights to a sex tape she made with singer Ray J. We guess a good 80% of the world had seen it by then, so why not?

  • Colin Farrell

    He's most famous for his roles on the big screen, but Colin Farrell is becoming increasingly well-known for a little independent feature that sees him enjoying a vigorous round of coitus with Playmate Nicole Narain. Not sure what awards he'd win for it, mind you. Maybe a Shafta?

  • Paris Hilton

    If Paris Hilton hadn't made a dead-eyed home porno that leaked online, we'd never have heard of her. But she's not the only celebrity known to have bared all for the camcorder...

  • Verne Troyer

    One time celebrity Big Brother contestant Verne Troyer had to take legal action to prevent the release of a mucky flick involving himself and an unnamed model. Yeah, even Verne's made one. Let's just hope that Neil and Christine Hamilton don't own a camcorder...

  • Rob Lowe

    In 1998, Rob Lowe filmed himself in a menage-a-trois with two girls – one of whom was just 16 and therefore under age according to US law. Ever since, the actor has been referred to in certain circles as "Raw Blow".

  • Kelsey Grammar

    Kelsey Grammer had scrambled eggs a-a-all over his face when he falsely accused an internet company of stealing a homemade sex tape from his house. Nowadays, the Frasier star claims to be more careful about what he performs on camera – although this doesn't explain Back To You. Ugh.

  • Fred Durst

    Here's something that nobody wanted to see – an explicit video featuring a 20-year-old model attempting to make Fred Durst's "bizkit" a little less limp. The footage surfaced on the internet in February 2005, with rumours circulating that the rock star had uploaded it himself. Perv.

  • Dustin Diamond

    Everybody loves a diamond in the rough, but nobody fancies a Diamond in the buff – especially when it's Dustin Diamond, who is more commonly known as Screech from Saved By The Bell. His sex tape was released under the title Saved By The Smell. You don't want to know why.

  • Ulrika Jonsson

    Back in 2002, mashed Swede Ulrika Jonsson won a court order that banned her ex-boyfriend Stan Collymore from selling a porny video of the two of them in friskier times. To this day, the sex tape has failed to make it to the internet. And you thought you'd hear no good news today!