NUS Releases Route Of Demo 2012, The Student Protest Planned For November

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The NUS has released the route for #Demo2012 | PA

The London route students will march during the November protests to "stand up for their future" has been revealed by the National Union of Students.

The NUS is holding the Educate, Employ, Empower demo on the 21st of next month and the announcement of the route coincided with Demo 2012 week.

Some have already voiced their disagreement over the planned path:

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Against Fees & Cuts
: we need a different route. Rally at parliament, not Oval Cricket ground!

Andrew Tindall, a student at Aberystwyth, added: "The proposed route for #demo2012 is ineffective at best and triggering for students at worst."

Speaking on Monday, NUS President Liam Burns said: "At NUS, we’re really excited to be unveiling the route which we’ll be taking at our national demonstration on the 21st November. We would like to take this opportunity to call on all our members to make a stand and join us on our mission to Employ, Educate, and Empower. Standing together, we can ensure our voices will be heard." .

nus student demo route

The demonstration route will see students marching from Temple tube station to Kennington

Burns announced plans for the demonstration back in June. Join in the conversation on Twitter by following #demo2012 and visit HuffPost UK's Student Protest page for the latest news.


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