Mitt Romney had his staff bring him "binders full of women", the Republican candidate revealed during his presidential debate with Barack Obama.

Romney's claim came as he sought to explain what he had done in his career to advance the cause of women in the workplace, specifically how he had asked to be given more female names to serve in his cabinet while he was governor of Massachusetts.

Perhaps inevitably the line led to an outbreak of gleeful mirth among those watching, falling over each other with the image of Romney leafing through a Filofax of women.

The line also spawned a 'Binders Full Of Women' Tumblr blog and of course, a spoof Twitter account.

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  • rob delaney

    Did he say BINDER or BLENDER? Is he making smoothies out of women?!

  • Beth Sherwood


  • Eric Nelson

    RT @pattonoswalt: "Binders Full of Women" is my favorite Motley Crue album. #debate

  • Becca Marino

    RT @MoRocca: Big girls come in binders. Skinny girls come in folders.

  • Alex Mizrahi

    Are there pre-selected binders of women out there, or do I have to buy an empty binder and fill it myself?

  • sjtorson

    Isnt binders full of women more of a Clinton thing???? Confused.

  • C.C.L.M

    Bring me all the women! Just binders of them, binders and binders!

  • kaela greenstien

    hope everyone likes my obligatory binders full of women tweet

  • Jay Varner

    RT @RomneyBinders: Romney has binders full of Welsh immigrants #Binders #Debates

  • Luviña

    RT @pareene: didn't gawker just dox a guy who had binders full of women

  • makayla meachem

    RT @RoySekoff: Taking a break from watching #debate on @HuffPostLive to flip through my binders of women. #romneybigpimpin'

  • Laura Birek

    One day I hope to be in a rich white man's binder.

  • Charlotte Lawrence

    RT @jayhel: Hey Mitt, can I borrow that binder full of women?#debate

  • melissa

    RT @chrisspangle: BTW, if you have a binder full of women instead of a little black book, you might want to get tested.