Eminem's Daughter? Will The Real Hailie Scott Please Stand Up! (PICTURES)

17/10/2012 11:11 | Updated 05 December 2012

Having heard Hailie Jade’s gurgles and squeals on numerous tracks, we were curious to see how the hip-hop superstar’s little girl was growing up.

Scroll down for a gallery of girls who claim to be Eminem's daughter

This is not Eminem's daughter. Just so we're clear, this is Twitter hoaxer @Angry_Blonde

Except it wasn’t her. We hang our heads in shame, but today, on the big man’s 40th birthday, we had another look and found our perky friend @Angry_Blonde is still at it.


This image is featured on a Facebook profile under the name Hailie Jade Scott Mathers

But the thing is, it’s kind of sweet. She’s about as far removed from your average internet troll as you can get.

There’s no spite, no bile and she continues to tweet messages of support and profess undying love for her, er “dad” to her near 59,000 followers.


In our defence, E! News also fell for the ruse, with the editor grudgingly admitting: “Hats off to Angry_Blonde, the keeper of the most elaborate imposter account we've seen yet."

While @Angry_Blonde has been termed “creepy” by NewMediaRockStars, there’s nothing controversial in her Tweets and by all accounts, Eminem is a great dad.

Daddy's girl: We're pretty sure this is the real Hailie

Curiosity piqued, we kept looking, and found a further handful of online presences who claim to be the rapper’s daughter.

Twitter user @hailiejade_x posts a similar stream of tweets urging her 14,000 followers to report imposters and retweeting messages of support for Eminem.

Conducting an #askhailie session on the unverified account, she reveals she hopes to be a teacher and says she’s not “allowed” to post pictures of her family online.

A further Instagram account in the name of hailie_mathers_rp claims: “Hi I’m Hailie Jade, eminems daughter!!! ☺.

To her credit she informs Eminem fans: “You do know I’m just an rp (roleplayer) right?"

Comments have been disabled on the clip, which has been viewed more than 160,000 times.

What’s more, there are further Hailie Jade Mathers profiles springing up on Google Plus.

So, that’s as clear as mud then.

In summary, having scoured the internet for a 16-year-old blonde called Hailie, we ourselves are starting to feel old, slightly creepy and very, very confused.

Are you the real Hailie Mathers? Can you prove it? Email Don't worry, we're not going to ask you for a load of Eminem pictures, we just want to get to the bottom of this!

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