Mark Wright Slams Lauren Goodger On Twitter For Claiming They Had Secret Reunion

17/10/2012 10:28 | Updated 17 October 2012

Mark Wright has sensationally (and very publicly) hit out at his ex Lauren Goodger over her claims the pair had been seeing each other secretly until earlier this year.

In an interview, former 'TOWIE' star Lauren had said that they enjoyed a "secret life".

mark wright lauren goodger

"Until about two months ago, we were still speaking to each other quite a lot, but it got confusing because we weren't officially back together again, so we're going our separate ways now. It's for the best," she told New! magazine.

However, Mark paints a much different version of events...

The 'Take Me Out: The Gossip' host took to Twitter to fiercely deny Lauren's claims, branding them "bullsh*t", saying that she was using him to get press.

He tweeted: "What absolute made up bullshit by Lauren in today's New Mag, I'm so bored of it, get over it & Stop talking about me 2 get yourself press !!"

Lauren had also said that she and Mark were "friends" in the interview, but we're guessing that could have changed by now...


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