Ever been spooked by a scary sound in the library, dismissed a disturbing wailing as the wind or glimpsed a ghostly apparition but put it down to too much partying and not enough sleep?

Well, if you go to a university in one of these towns, then your eyes may not have been deceiving you...

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  • Derby

    The university town is haunted by several ghosts: a Victorian lady in blue and a poltergeist who haunt the Bell Hotel, a mysterious phantom coach and horses complete with a headless coachman who park up outside Jacobean House, and a young lady who runs down the stairs at St Helen's House as if she is running away from someone.. or something...

  • Exeter Cathedral

    Apparition sightings range from nuns and gatekeeps at the cathedral (pictured) and ghoulish executed witches at the castle.

  • Newcastle

    Archaeologists a Roman Stone Sarcophagi which has been uncovered at a dig on the site of on a former chapel and office buildings in Newcastle city centre . The creepy tomb was unearthed in 2008. Legend has it the alleyway next to Cooperage Pub is haunted, with a ghostly figure seen late at night with black sockets where his eyes should be.

  • St Andrews

    The White Lady is an infamous spectre seen in the university's cathedral grounds, with waist-length hair and wearing a long white dress. In 1868, a sealed chamber was discovered containing several coffins, one with the body of a young woman in a white dress and leather gloves, according to The Telegraph

  • Norwich

    The ghost of one of the city's former mayors has been seen in the courtyard of Maids Head Hotel in Norwich, as well as a former maid dressed in grey. At Norwich Castle, an old lady in a black dress floats around the grounds, while a report in 1820 describes prisoners being scared half to death by something they couldn't identify

  • Christ's College, Cambridge

    It's rumoured the ghost of one of the school’s fellows, Christopher Round, haunts the grounds. Round and his colleague were courting the same local lady, when one of them fell into the school’s swimming pool after a drunken night out. Instead of helping, Round grabbed a tree branch and pushed it onto the man to prevent him from re-surfacing. The man died of drowning. Round's remorseful ghost allegedly circles the pool and the old tree in sorrow.

  • Durham

    The university's 800-year-old castle residence is reportedly haunted by Lady Grey, who haunts a staircase after she fell to her death there.

  • Edinburgh

    A phantom bagpiper, headless drummer and a ghostly black dog are just a few of the apparitions to haunt the city.

  • Queen Mary University London

    It's not QMUL which is haunted, but rather nearby Bethnal Green tube, where 173 people were crushed to death during WW2 as they sheltered in the underground during an air raid

  • Oxford University

    Exeter College is believed to be haunted by students, after most of them died during the Black Death in 1348