'Skyfall' is Daniel Craig's third outing as James Bond and, judging by reviews so far (click here for ours), he's properly confounded his early doubters.

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But the day will come when Craig will unravel his bow tie and put down his 007 weapon of choice for the last time and, when that happens, the question will loom once more - who has the necessary qualities to bring the British superspy to the big screen? Deadly charming with the ladies, just deadly with the villains, impeccable in a tuxedo, but able to leap off a building and kill someone with bare hands... it's no small ask.

gerard butler
Is it time to take Bond back north of the border, with Scottish actor Gerard Butler?

We like to be helpful at HuffPostUK Entertainment, so we've compiled a shortlist of the best of British, on which producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson can start pondering as they plot Bond's future...

Which one of these could replace Daniel Craig as 007? Check out our picture slideshow and vote below for your favourite... or have we missed someone really, really obvious? Let us know...

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  • Let's start with the obvious... Mr Colin Firth

  • Time to return 007 to north of the border? Gerard Butler...

  • Or, if not, him, another wirey Scot able to talk his way out of a hole...

  • Or perhaps west of the border? Rhys Ifans' star is freshly shining

  • ... and Ioan Gruffud could just melt any Bond villain with his puppy-dog stare

  • Rupert Everett - good at remembering details, and the right public school connections

  • Or Idris Elba, always charismatic and inscrutable

  • Tom Hollander, can carry off a tuxedo with the best of them

  • and Mark Strong is equally suave and sophisticated, but with a glint

  • Don't be fooled by that bumbling exterior of Hugh Grant...

  • Sean Bean's been a Bond villain - could he come good?

  • Jude Law is the archetypal English gentleman

  • Clive Owen has already proved himself as an action star

  • Benedict Cumberbatch - time for a more cerebral 007?

  • Warren Brown - outside punt, but proved to have deadly intent in Good Cop

  • while only one man can carry off a tuxedo like James Bond

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