'Minecraft Style' - Gamers Get Their Own 'Gangnam Style' Spoof (VIDEO)

23/10/2012 13:47

Another day, another 'Gangnam Style' parody... And hot on the heels of this so-so effort from Hitler comes this really rather brilliant spoof featuring video game Minecraft.

Posted online by YouTuber Jordan Maron - who wrote, directed and produced the clip - it features special Minecraft-themed lyrics, which are guaranteed to appeal to in-the-know gamers.

Sadly, however, we're only occasional gamers, partly due to the large amount of time we have to spend looking for amusing videos on YouTube. In fact when we first stumbled across 'Minecraft Style', we thought the words were, 'My gran's style'. Presumably a granny-based spoof can't be too far off, though...

Don't go away! Take time out to torture yourself with more 'Gangnam Style' spoofs...

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