On-Stage Falls: Popstars Falling Over (VIDEO)

23/10/2012 16:44 | Updated 28 March 2013

What do Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and Beyonce all have in common, apart from being some of pop's greatest ladies?

We'll tell you - they've all fallen victim (pun intended) to tripping up on stage.

But it's not just the girls in their towering heels that have been known to fall over whilst performing, oh no.

One Direction are known to have fallen flat on their faces, while one half of Jedward broke his leg when he slipped during a performance at 'T4 On The Beach' (we know we shouldn't laugh, but...) and Olly Murs' trip down a flight of stairs has been Caroline Flack's source of entertainment for many weeks now on 'The Xtra Factor'.

So, because we like a belly laugh, and we know you do too, here are 14 of them, one after another in our Best On-Stage Tumbles video gallery. Hurrah!

On-Stage Tumbles
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