WIth the imminent release of 'Skyfall', the 23rd instalment of the James Bond franchise, HuffPost UK is taking a look back at Bond's best vehicles.

After 007 himself, his cars are arguably the most iconic part of a good Bond film, more so even than the girls, villains and cocktails.

Whilst deservedly synonymous with that great British car maker, Aston Martin, Bond has driven four-wheeled classics from all over the world.

Decked out with gadgets or, like a certain French entry, just being driven to their limits, the Bond cars are a crucial part to every film.

Take a look at our top ten, inspired by some suggestions from Motors.co.uk, and see if you agree...

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  • 10) BMW Z8 (The World Is Not Enough, 1999)

    Mmm... a bit pedestrian in our view, more the result of en expensive product placement deal than an attempt to make Bond look good. Oh well, it'll make the other nine cars in the list even cooler.

  • 9) Aston Martin V8 Vantage (The Living Daylights, 1987)

    A less refined and more muscular car than other Aston Martins, this was equipped for winter weather meaning skis, spiked tyres and rocket propulsion.

  • 8) Lotus Espirit Turbo (For Your Eyes Only, 1981)

    After his original white Lotus blew up due to a thief tripping the theft alarm, Bond got a replacement in a rather fetching burgundy.

  • 7) Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Diamonds Are Forever, 1971)

    One of the greatest continuity errors in cinematic history is when this powerhouse of a muscle is driven by Bond through a narrow alleyway on two wheels, only to inexplicably emerge from the other end on the other two wheels!

  • 6) Aston Martin Vanquish (Die Another Day)

    Now, let's forget the slightly ridiculous 'adaptive camouflage' and just praise this for the modern classic it is. Guns, front-firing rockets, an ejector seat and spiked tyres that enabled one of the coolest Bond chases ever across a frozen lake. What more could you want?

  • 5) Jaguar XKR (Die Another Day, 1999)

    Up against the Aston in that chase scene was this emerald-green Jag, decked up to the nines with all manner of weaponry.

  • 4) 1937 Phantom III Rolls Royce (Goldfinger, 1964)

    The grandest of all cars to feature in a Bond movie wasn't even driven by 007. In order to smuggle vast quantities of gold across Europe, evil-doer Goldfinger needed a sturdy yet classy auto for the job, choosing the epically luxurious 1937 Phantom III Rolls Royce.

  • 3) Lotus Espirit (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977)

    Growing up, every little boy wanted a fly car. Failing that, one that could go under water would do.

  • 2) Citroen 2CV (For Your Eyes Only, 1981)

    It wasn't the fastest Bond car, nor the most glamorous and the only gadget it had was a fabric sun-roof, but the rickety old French banger won over a lot of hearts when it helped our hero to escape hitman Hector Gonzales by performing some amazing jumps and stunts.

  • 1) Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger, 1964)

    The only thing more Bond than Bond himself is this beauty. The DB5 oozes class, sophistication and is very, very British. Not to mention deadly. What's more, it also makes a welcome return to the big screen in 'Skyfall'.

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