Men! Want some tips on how to pick up an attractive young woman when you're flexing your muscles at the gym? Watch the video above to see exactly how it's done.

Incidentally, this clip has gone viral - with 1.5m views and counting - since it was uploaded by YouTuber Jarrett Sleeper just two days ago. This clearly demonstrates: a) how many men want to pick up a woman at the gym; b) a collective hunger for really bad jokes. Marvellous!

Want more laughs? Take a look at our latest round-up of weekly funny pics...

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  • There are handshakes. And there are George Osborne handshakes.

  • Fido the guide dog makes a run for it as soon as it realises Camilla is near.

  • Fun fact: The US presidential race is decided by a 'love duet' round.

  • "Yes, your highness, they <em>are </em>wearing seatbelts."

  • The first World Penguin Synchronised Swimming Championships was not going well. In fact, it was a total mess.

  • Super Mario Brothers just got that little bit more extreme.

  • [insert rude comment about Jeremy Hunt here]

  • David Cameron's transformation into a Bond villain was nearly complete. Now all he needed was more smartly-dressed henchmen.

  • One's an incredibly stiff, unrealistic model. The other's...

  • Angela Merkel gives the invisible man a great big smacker. (Strange... he's much larger than we thought.)

  • Barack Obama's plan to woo undecided American voters with pizza was going brilliantly until aides told him there were more than four.

  • Nope, we have no idea, either.

  • "And what do YOU do?" chuckled the soldier.

  • 'He's behiiiiind you!'. Is it just us, or do pantomimes start earlier each year?

  • Paul Ryan helps out in a soup kitchen. The woman on the right is clearly worried.

  • Mitt Romney prepares to eat lunch.

  • There is a reason for this. <a href="">No, really.</a>

  • Whoops! David Cameron suddenly remembers he's <s>destroyed the NHS</s> left the iron on.

  • And finally: Anything Austria can do, Team GB can do better...

All images: Press Association